Episode 28: Why WE are Integral to Our Community

(WE) are here to help workers thrive

This week we discuss a heartbreaking viral video (below) posted by TikTocker and Uber Eats driver Riley Elliot (@livefreestudios) which is just one of a million stories.

Everyday, all over the world app-based drivers like Riley are hustling as they struggle to make ends meet. They depend on tips from consumers and wages from platforms while grinding long hours to earn the critical cash they need to pay their bills.

Drivers like Riley rely on the earnings from these gigs to put food on the table and a roof over their head – all while covering the expenses they incur doing the work.

Gas. Insurance. Oil changes. Registration. Parking tickets. The list goes on…

Did you know that analysis found only 11% of DoorDash jobs pay above the US’s federal minimum wage?

In this week’s episode, we break down the silo’d perspectives of platforms, delivery drivers, and consumers to bring a holistic view to the whole situation. One cannot prosper without the other.

We uncover why wages are low, why tips are so impactful, and what we need to do to increase wages in a way that helps both service providers and platforms become profitable.

Together (WE) Thrive

Riley’s Video (courtesy of TikTok)


TIP YOUR DELIVERY FOLKS! ##ubereatsdriver ##notips ##pandemic ##homeless ##helpme ##fyp ##deliverydriver ##delivery

♬ original sound – Riley Elliot

Video Response (courtesy of TikTok)


Delivery apps won’t pay their drivers more until you make them #ubereatsdriver #raiseminimumwage #tipyourdriver #tiktokchangedmylife #fyp #grateful

♬ original sound – Riley Elliot

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