Episode 30: Tyler Burtschi & Clark Monroe

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We’ve got an exciting episode in store for you this week…

Starting off with a teaser for our upcoming “behind the scenes” episode where we will break down the in’s and out’s of creating a commercial from beginning to end!

Clark Monroe gives us an update on his projects and shares his passion for what we’re doing here at Work Entropy.

Next, we dive into the epic changes and growth of the gig economy and how freelancer work is being impacted with Tyler Burtschi of TransparentBusiness.

TransparentBusiness is changing the way freelancers do work. With over 10,000 freelancers on their platform, they are able to work directly with companies to match freelancers to their ideal project-based work.

Tyler breaks down how TransparentBusiness is working to provide the resources to help train and build the critical skills needed to advance your career in the gig economy.

After all, we are in the beginning of the next big revolution of a new technology-enabled economy, where everyone is the CEO of their own bank account. The transformation has already begun and the numbers are MASSIVE.

Still not sure about what the Gig Economy is? Check out our 3-part series and start by getting up to speed on how difficult it is to measure this evolving workforce.

Tune in today to join the conversation and share your thoughts below!

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