Episode 32: Knights of the Round Table

(WE) are here to help workers thrive

The landscape has changed. Employees’ desire for flexibility is quickly outpacing the diminishing security of employment. Much of the workforce will be leaving traditional work in an effort to lead more joyful and fulfilling lives.

In contact centers, average agent tenure is continuing to decline, resulting in rising costs of attrition before agents can fully realize the ROI that their employer has invested in them. But, what if we start recognizing agents as independent employees? Employed by no one, they can seamlessly deliver a quality customer experience across any number of campaigns, clients, and contact centers.

Instead of ramping and maintaining an actively employed workforce with unavoidable costs of attrition, contact centers can now competitively bid on qualified agents to complete transactional service contracts based on their experience, profile, and location.

Listen in as we break down the problems facing today’s contact centers and how we are disrupting a traditional inflexible work environment with the flexibility that today’s workforce craces.

Together (WE) Thrive

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