Episode 34: Celebrating Life with Architecture Ft. Aryo Falakrou

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After finding himself trapped in the routine of a stable, traditional career, Aryo was not fueling his passion and no longer found true joy in the work he was doing. In an effort to live a more fulfilling life, Aryo began to look internally to change his paradigm and understand one simple truth; we are the result of our habits that we have adopted.

Starting with a revitalized perspective, Aryo began to restructure his daily routine in ways that helped him better connect with the universe around him. Meditation, walking, jogging; activities that help connect with nature calms the mind and in this stillness, Aryo found more purpose in his life.

It wasn’t an easy journey to transition into a new mindset and changing his career trajectory. To help him make this pivot, Aryo had to think deeply about what he really wanted in his life. “What is it that money can bring satisfaction to you in life?” is only the first question to get you thinking about what truly motivates you and makes you happy. Looking past what money can do for you, and recognizing it simply as a resource, is key to keeping your motivations in check.

Fiscal wealth without mental wealth is not healthy…

Wealth is good. Being wealthy is great. But if you don’t have a gameplan on what you will do with wealth when you obtain it, you will end up in a dangerous place. Aryo has a great message around fiscal and mental responsibility to help you think beyond “being wealthy for the sake of being wealthy”.

Life is full of tradeoffs, and many times we sacrifice short term happiness for the wrong long-term reasons, or without understanding the consequences of what you want in the long-term.

Sacrifice the right things for the right reasons…

Now, as an author, an inventor, and a Home designer, Aryo leverages over 34 years of progressive experience in architectural and interior designs. Leveraging his skills to be his own boss, Aryo has helped almost 1000 clients put “style into their lifestyle”. His focus is to solve problems. Architecture is a combination of Art & Engineering, and Aryo adds Philosophy and Psychology into the process to create harmony, functionality and beauty in homes that stand the test of time.

Aryo loves to spend time with his family and travel as many places as he can, but his passion is to design extraordinary homes for extraordinary people. He loves outside the box thinking and stays away from routine and cookie cutting approaches!

Connect with Aryo and support his passion!

Aryo’s holistic approach will change your perspective of living space, and help you create a better environment. Allow him to motivate you, and discover a new, vibrant and energetic lifestyle for the rest of your life!

“Create a new life with new hopes and desires, new aspirations, and lifestyle. Let’s the silver time of your life be a golden one!”

Learn Aryo’s story at myhomedesigner.com and read his amazing book to learn even more at https://www.myhomedesigner.com/beyond-ages/ 

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