Episode 42: Realizing Transformative Opportunities W/ Rick Manelius, PhD

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Ep. 42 of The Gig Economy & You Podcast is Live featuring Rick Manelius, CTO and Co-Founder of the app, Contact Mapping.

In this episode we discuss the importance of chasing the opportunities that exist all around us as we navigate the Gig Economy while ensuring we are making the most out of every relationship. There are tons of great tips for anyone looking to grow their success as a Gigsters, despite whatever niche of industry they are in. 

“In the Gig Economy who you know impacts so much of the opportunities that show up and the opportunities that you are able to grab on to and run with.”

About our guest, Rick Manelius, PhD

“In the Gig Economy who you know impacts so much of the opportunities that show up and the opportunities that you are able to grab on to and run with.” – Rick Manelius, PhD

My life’s mission: to explore, to master, to share, and to make a positive impact in the world.

Beyond that, you may have stumbled upon my profile for a variety of reasons. To assist, here’s a potential list:

* Start-up Co-founder: Chief Product Officer at DRUD Tech, a Denver based tech company.
* MIT, PhD: Van der Walls forces meets carbon nanotubes meets quantum mechanics.
* Author: Wrote “Winning the Lottery Within” to highlight how we co-create our stories, our lives.
* Drupalista: A decade of experience within and contribution to a fantastic open source community.
* PCI Compliance: Wrote a heavily cited white paper on credit card security for eCommerce.
* Advisor: Serve as a sounding board to several colleagues starting their entrepreneurial journeys.
* Blockchain: I’m actively researching this space, particularly persistent identity access and control.
* Coach: Experiences range from sports to creating & running professional development trainings.
* Writer: Spanning personal blogging to print publications (magazine and newspaper).
* Cyclists: Active enthusiast in the Colorado region. Find and follow me on Strava!

Contact Mapping is a Philosophy, a System, and an App designed to help keep people front and center in our minds and in our hearts in order to develop deeper relationships personally and professionally. As CTO, my role is the lead the technical team, guide the architecture, and ensure the overall integrity of systems.

Develop more meaningful relationships with Contact Mapping

The foundation of Contact Mapping is the discipline of (1) recording a few important details from each interaction you have with another human, and (2) always setting a reminder for your next touch point.

These two tiny actions will transform your ability to develop meaningful business and personal relationships. Connect with people more frequently and authentically because you are using follow-up reminders to make sure no relationship ever falls through the cracks.

Together (WE) Thrive

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