Episode 44: Equitable Education and Infinite Potential for ALL w/ Beau McCoy

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Today’s educational system is “one-size-fits-all” and operates under a false assumption that we all learn the same way.

  • How do you put a classroom of kids in one place and expect them to all learn the same material the same way?
  • Why are we not taking advantage of the best that technology has to offer?
  • How do you effectively reach each child and inspire them to try new things and discover their passion?
  • Why are teachers paying out of pocket for school supplies?

These are the same questions that Beau McCoy has asked a thousand times over as he’s traveled the world and been involved with communities in every corner of the globe.

Goodbye, discrimination and inequality in classrooms.

Hello, equitable education and infinite student potential.


What problems are being solved by SOLcademy?

Teacher Burnout: Nearly half a million teachers leave the profession every year with 40-50% of new teachers leaving in the first 5 years, much due to burnout and stress. Teachers save 8 hours per week using content on SOLcademy.

Learning Continuity: Disruptions to instruction can set students back further, while increasing workload for teachers and administrators as they work to mitigate the issue. SOLcademy allows students to always learn at the same pace, regardless of circumstances.

Achievement Gap: Only 60% of low-income students are regularly logging onto online learning whereas 90% of high-income students are logging on. SOLcademy provides the same high-quality instructional content to learners from ALL backgrounds.

SOLcademy is here to revolutionize the way individuals are educated by providing a platform for teachers to do what they do best: teach and change lives. Finally, there’s a way to pick a teacher you like and follow their content.

Together (WE) Thrive

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