Episode 45: Systemized Entrepreneurship by Leveraging People, Processes, and Technology

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We loved hanging out with Greg Smith, founder of Wheelhouse Solutions, who has developed a unique business guiding and systemizing entrepreneurs for ultimate success. In this episode, Greg shows us the need for a systemized entrepreneurship by breaking down PEOPLE, PROCESSES, & TECHNOLOGY to provide visualized & achievable success to anyone who wants it. In this empowering episode, learn how YOU can have achievable, long-term success with a systemized workforce for any type of business.

Wheelhouse Solutions in a Nutshell

Wheelhouse Solutions show small business owners how they can use technology to their advantage, even if they don’t think of themselves as techies.

We build systems that help out clients build companies. Those companies help them build abundance and happiness.

Greg Smith

Many industries still are not leveraging technology correctly. They are world-class at uncovering what the business owner is good at and getting to the heart of what the business does. Then, we find cost-effective ways to make scalable technology do much of the hard work.

Learn more at https://www.wheelhouse-solutions.com/

Together (WE) Thrive

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