Episode 59: Joe Kennedy on Modernizing Apprenticeship

(WE) are here to help workers thrive

There are individuals that are highly educated and skilled in their respective professions that couldn’t find a job. Then, there are companies who are not willing to pay a livable, sustainable wage for these experiences. This is where Work Entropy rolls in: WE provide healthy partnerships and win-win relationships!

Find out how more with our beloved guest – Joe Kennedy.

There are a lot of people who would like to do something… who cannot qualify for a job… who are looking to develop their job. It’s important to help these people… That’s what Work Entropy is all about – bringing people in who don’t have the resources.



0:00 – “WE love to Help”, Original by Laurence Gibbs

2:58 – What’s up with WE!: Mr. Andrew Kennedy

6:16 – The Whole Support Network in the Global workspace – WE Style!

10:37 – Job Market Situation: Workspace behavior and trends

14:20 – How WE envision a better quality of life for ALL: Partners & Workers

19:24 – “Past lessons are great tools for the future.”

21:55 – Modernizing Apprenticeship in the Gig Economy

28:05 – Golden minutes: A healthy partnership!

33:58 – Mr. Joe Kennedy – What really matters: Social Organizations

35:45 – The Ever-changing work landscape: Traditional workspace evolution

40:05 – How Work Entropy responds to today’s work landscapes.

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