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Episode 42: Realizing Transformative Opportunities W/ Rick Manelius, PhD

Ep. 42 of The Gig Economy & You Podcast is Live featuring Rick Manelius, CTO and Co-Founder of the app, Contact Mapping. In this episode we discuss the importance of chasing the opportunities that exist all around us as we navigate the Gig Economy while ensuring we are making the most out of every relationship.…
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Episode 41: Educating the Next Generation w/ Chad Stewart

On this week’s episode of the Gig Economy & You, we have the pleasure of hanging out with Chad R. Stewart – Award Winning Author, Creativity and Education Advocate, Lecturer, Entertainment Mover and Shaker, and MORE  In Ep. 41, we dig into the outdated constructs of the modern institution as we venture through Chad Stewart’s lifelong…
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Episode 37: Corporation’s Loyalty to the Workforce? w/ Joe Kennedy

About Joe Kennedy Joe holds a bachelor’s degree in general studies and a masters degree in geography from the University of Nebraska. The degrees are reflective of his wide ranging interests and provide an excellent foundation for the variety of jobs and careers he has held over the years.  To him life is not a…
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