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Today’s Employers are struggling to fill their workforce with qualified, dependable workers for entry-level positions. Positions that can be filled with people who can work from home. Like most shortages, it is less a problem of numbers but rather of distribution. Around the world, there are many workers available who, with a little help, can fill those positions.

A new startup, Work Entropy (WE), is tackling the shortage of workers head-on with workers from countries with a shortage of capital but a surplus of hungry workers. But doing so in a way that benefits both first-world employers and capital-starved countries.

The typical business model for foreign workers is to seek third-world workers who can speak the first-world language. The results are spotty with the employer’s customers frustrated, unable to easily converse with employees who struggle to be understood. WE are setting up free online training for screened candidates using dedicated nationals who, in their own countries, recruit and train up locals in the language skills and proficiencies required by WE’s first world customers. WE do the recruiting, screening, assessing, and training of these enthusiastic recruits before turning them over to the corporate employer’s HR departments to make the final hire or pass decision.

WE then takes its process to another level by taking rejected candidates back into their training program to polish and upgrade their proficiencies. Thus a win-win relationship between employer and employees is created and orchestrated by WE. 

Many of the employee candidates possess college degrees from their own countries but jobs demand capital and these nations have neither capital nor jobs.

By first-world standards the labor is cheap, by third-world standards the jobs are lucrative. The added benefit is capital being injected into the local economies. The WE Foundation provides not only free training but injects capital into the local economies in the form of salaries for the hired candidates but also assists communities with upgrading their basic needs of shelter and infrastructure. 

The motivated national leaders who WE employ recruit, filter, and train their candidates in their home countries and continue to motivate and assist their candidates throughout the process and log their progress with WE headquarters in the US. This keeps WE’s costs low while maintaining quality control.

The local leaders are supported by the Foundation for supplies and expenses.  Expenses are kept to a minimum because activities that do not occur in the candidates’ own countries/communities are handled in the US via the internet. Depending on the requirements of the hiring partner, proficiencies in the target abilities must pass WE evaluators in the US before being presented to the client’s final interview and hiring decision. The entire process, which is very expensive for a single partner HR department, is handled by WE and made inexpensive through centralized efficiencies of scale distributed across a network of partners.

Each Foundation dollar goes almost entirely into investing in the lives of the candidates and into the communities in which these people reside. It is WE’s mission to bring candidates and their communities into a more stable environment thereby enabling some financial and living standards success while remaining in their own family and home environments. 

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