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(WE) are here to help workers thrive

Self-Incorporation: Me, Inc.

Redefining Self Incorporation Whether tethered to a platform or working as an independent consultant from home, many independent employees (or gigsters) from my personal observation view their work as a “job” not as a business. But these are not jobs in any traditional sense of the word because they are genuinely on their own in…
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Episode 29: WE are the Gig Economy

The “Gig Economy” is composed of more than just app-based delivery and rideshare gigsters. The gig economy is for anyone who is motivated to work outside the 9-to-5. Traditional full-time work is not as appealing as it once was since the next generation of workers want more freedom work around the life they want to…
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A Culture of Transparency

In the first two parts of this series on gig culture, we discussed the diversity of types, the difficulties in gathering data, and independent contract workers’ motivations. This post will focus on these people’s needs and the response of the economy and legislatures as follows: Compensation Benefits Health Retirement Unemployment/Workers Compensation Other (childcare, maternity/paternity leave,…
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Motivations of the Gig Workers

Market Watch article by Nicole Lyn Pesce looks into the latest numbers from Yelp. Yelp’s “Economic Average” report as of July 10, 2020, shows 132,580 businesses listed on Yelp were closed, down slightly from the June report of 140,000 closures. While the number closing has improved somewhat with most states partially opening back up, the…
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Lacking the Data to Measure Today’s Workplace Evolution

It is the Bureau of Labor Statistics mandate to monitor the U.S. labor force in terms of numbers, types, trends, and its impact on the economy (and vice versa). As recently as November 2018, the BLS still did not know how to define a “gig.” It falls in between a “job” and “work,” both of…
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Episode 28: Why WE are Integral to Our Community

This week we discuss a heartbreaking viral video (below) posted by TikTocker and Uber Eats driver Riley Elliot (@livefreestudios) which is just one of a million stories. Everyday, all over the world app-based drivers like Riley are hustling as they struggle to make ends meet. They depend on tips from consumers and wages from platforms…
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Together (WE) Thrive

Wait, we’re already thriving, right? The stock market is looking great, and unemployed workers will just shift into the shiny new gig economy to earn income by performing tasks across a myriad of apps that deliver essential services like ridesharing and grocery shopping. What’s the problem? We’ve already made the shift. Workers have already been…
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