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(WE) are here to help workers thrive

Episode 30: Tyler Burtschi & Clark Monroe

We’ve got an exciting episode in store for you this week… Starting off with a teaser for our upcoming “behind the scenes” episode where we will break down the in’s and out’s of creating a commercial from beginning to end! Clark Monroe gives us an update on his projects and shares his passion for what…
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Episode 29: WE are the Gig Economy

The “Gig Economy” is composed of more than just app-based delivery and rideshare gigsters. The gig economy is for anyone who is motivated to work outside the 9-to-5. Traditional full-time work is not as appealing as it once was since the next generation of workers want more freedom work around the life they want to…
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Episode 28: Why WE are Integral to Our Community

This week we discuss a heartbreaking viral video (below) posted by TikTocker and Uber Eats driver Riley Elliot (@livefreestudios) which is just one of a million stories. Everyday, all over the world app-based drivers like Riley are hustling as they struggle to make ends meet. They depend on tips from consumers and wages from platforms…
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